Carrie (2013)

Carrie Au Bal Du Diable poster youshouldwatchthis.comDear horror film lovers, looks like one of my fave supernatural chillers, Stephen King’s Carrie has been revamped. And believe it or not, this remake and blockbuster skeptic right here is liking what she sees so far. King’s plot is a timeless classic: the cinderella story gone horribly wrong. I’ve always found the mix of pity and repulsion for the protagonist-antagonist to be especially interesting, which is much of why I’m a hardcore fan of Breaking Bad (oh so many things to review, so little time!).

My first point of interest is Julianne Moore. If she’s ever chosen a bad film, I certainly haven’t seen it. She’s had my respect ever since the surprisingly under-appreciated film Far From Heaven. She’s the perfect flame-haired fireball to fill the shoes of Piper Laurie as the unforgettably creepy lunatic mom. Only an actress with their talent and complexity can really nail it. In the full trailer, we can already see she’s wisely delivering the most memorable phrases (“They’re all going to laugh at you!”) in her own style.

Nextly, the film looks/feels different enough to hopefully not fall into the typical remake trap, which is to do no more than dryly mimicking the original. A remake has to have a different angle or style, to merit getting your bum into the theatre seats, am I right? Side note: loving the music. Marco Beltrami? Can’t go wrong there.

My internal jury is still out on Chloe Moretz, who has the tough job of filling Sissy Spacek‘s brilliant boots. I have a personal allergy to any actress who’s ridiculous-looking faux pout detracts from her credibility. But that being said, let’s give the young pup a chance, and see what she’s made of. From the trailer, it  looks like she just might pull it off.

Carrie (2013) comes out in October, right when I’m definitely in the mood for a good Halloween spooking.  I may get disappointed, or proven wrong about this flick, but so far I think it looks like a fun fright. Here’s a cool French poster I found, a teaser (god I love teasers – giggling with delight!) and a full trailer.

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4 responses to “Carrie (2013)

  1. i’m glad to find someone else who feels the same way – anti-remake, but kind of hyped about this one.

    i like chloe moretz, but it’s not the pout that has me worried, it’s that she’s a bit too pretty. they’re going to have to nail the family backstory right for me not to believe that a girl that looks like this doesn’t have at least one friend!

    the best part for me though is the choice of director – kimberly peirce! with the stunning ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ and the under-appreciated *Stop-Loss’ in her backpack, i’m expecting more than the regular bargain basement remake!

    personally, i hope it rocks!!


  2. You know your stuff & have good taste. Cool, glad I’m not taking crazy pills on liking this!
    Thanks for your thoughts, hope you enjoy my blog! :)

  3. “ridiculous-looking faux pout” loved that! I’m not that skeptical about this actress as she appears to have the chops to pull it off. I agree about Julianne Moore. She’ll definitely give the gravitas this remake will need! I AM getting tired of these remakes however. This is the SECOND remake of this film!!!

    Love your site and theme ;)

  4. I do think they should have spent more time on the family history of Margaret and Carrie White. Anyone who has not read the book will not understand why Margaret is über-religious and why she scars her own skin! I read the book and I know that when Carrie was a baby and when she was very young, she showed signs of telekinetic ability.


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